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ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) allows you to manage your business activities by integrating your back and front office applications. The primary objective of an ERP system is to develop a single environment that enables the disparate functions of your business to share corporate data through a centralised data repository. This not only ensures your data is available throughout your organisation, but that it is consistent.

The typical functions that will use ERP may include finance, warehouse and inventory, distribution, manufacturing, sales, marketing and planning. The modular nature of ERP systems allows you to prioritise and choose the implementation path that best suits your requirements.

With complete information available ERP can streamline your operations giving you access to real time business intelligence. You are then able to make the right decisions with the right people at the right time.

Whether you are embarking on your first enterprise resource planning project or seeking to upgrade and take advantage of newer technology, savisoft has specialist expertise in a number of ERP applications


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